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Humboldt’s Finest Cannibis-infused Vodka

A speciality spirit with a unique botanical character and an aroma reminiscent of fresh cannabis.

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Humboldt’s Finest Hemp-Infused Vodka
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Iconic Spirits

Iconic Spirits supplies to all capital cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our product range consists of Cariel Vanilla, Cariel ‘Batch’ Blended, Giffard Liqueurs and Syrups, P55 Licorice Liqueur, Aivy Vodka, and Humboldt Spirits.

Created with the best mixologists in mind; Giffard have been producing award winning liqueurs and syrups for more than 125 years.

Discerning bartenders and vodka lovers consider Cariel Vodka a true ‘best kept secret’.

What They Say

Clients Testimonials

Australian Bartender

Cariel Vanilla Vodka is a sensation in its home country of Sweden. We‘ve tried it at Bartender and can vouch for its great taste.

Australian Bartender

Issue #48
Philip Duff
‘Cariel ‘Batch’ blended vodka may be the best example around of both the craftsmanship and subtlety of a master vodka distiller; it dares to have flavour in a category renowned for neutrality…an aroma and mouth-feel unsurpassed in the vodka world.

Philip Duff

Internationally-Renowned Mixologist
Sebastian Reaburn

1806 uses Cariel Vanilla Vodka because of the richness of its vanilla flavour and its mixability. We recommend Cariel for anyone who desires rich, luscious vanilla flavours.

Sebastian Reaburn

2008 Best Bartender Bar Awards
Jason Williams

Cariel is my choice of vanilla vodka. It has a fresh flavour profile ideal for putting a spin on simple mixed drinks yet also has a natural intensity making it flexible for classically styled cocktails. Its floral, aromatic quality means it is great as an accent in drinks, and the fact that it is triple distilled Swedish wheat vodka means that it doesn’t shy away from big flavours such as citrus or liqueurs. It’s a true vanilla vodka that guests expect as opposed to a confectionary alternative.

Jason Williams

Winner of the 2008 Australian Liquor Industry Award for Best Bartender
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